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7 Reasons to Choose Paraben Free Blush

Paraben Free BlushMore and more women are beginning to use paraben free cosmetic products in preference to those that contain varying amounts of these potentially harmful chemicals and there are a number of very good reasons why they are doing so. If you have friends who are no longer using make-up containing these substances and you would like to know what the benefits of following suit might be, take a look at the 7 reasons we have listed below. Should you decide to use paraben free blush and other similar products in the future, you may find that all of these reasons are important to you too.

Reasons Why Paraben Free Blush Is Becoming More Popular

Women who have decided to use blush and other cosmetic products that do not contain parabens cited the following reasons when asked why they decided to make the change.


  1. Possibility of Allergic Reactions – Although the number of ladies that suffer from such reactions is relatively small, a large percentage of women who were surveyed said they would rather not take a chance with the cosmetic products they use on a daily basis.
  2. Breast Cancer – The presence of parabens in tissue extracted during biopsies that formed part of a 2010 study was enough to persuade many women that paraben free blush was simply the most sensible choice considering the potential health risks that the alternative posed.
  3. Personal Choice – Some women prefer paraben free cosmetics for the simple reason that they feel the decision as to what they put on their face every day should be theirs to make. These women believe, quite understandably, that large corporations should not be the ones to choose which chemicals they use in their daily beauty regime.
  4. Fear of the Unknown – Just the fact that many scientists have admitted they are not sure what the long-term effects of daily exposure to parabens could be is enough for a significant number of women to eschew products that contain them.
  5. Kinder to the Environment – While no specifics data is available with regard to the environmental impact of the use of paraben in the manufacture of cosmetics, paraben free blush and other organic make-up products are believed to be more eco-friendly.
  6. Absorption Through the Skin – Parabens are a group of substances that, in common with certain other chemicals, are known to be able to penetrate through the skin. The idea of these substances accumulating in the body over the years has persuaded some women to avoid them altogether.
  7. Male Infertility – While admittedly a concern that was only raised by a small number of respondents, the possibility that the cosmetics they used could cause their partners to become infertile certainly worried some of the women surveyed.

If you are worried about any or all of the issues mentioned above, you can find paraben free blush, along with many other high-quality organic cosmetic products, in our online store. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions about our range.