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How to Avoid Paraben Free Makeup Scams

Paraben Free Makeup Parabens have attracted a lot of clinical and scientific attention in recent years as concerns have grown about their possible link to breast cancer and a slew of other conditions, including dermatitis and even skin cancer. As a result the market has been fairly flooded with all manner of “paraben free” cosmetics each one vying for the attention of health conscious consumers. But how can you tell if your paraben free makeup is the real thing and not a scam? Below we’ll provide a few suggestions.

Identifying Genuine Paraben Free Makeup

Here are some of the best ways to determine if your new makeup is actually paraben free.

  • Read the label – Consumers have become so trusting of governmental oversight departments like the FDA that most barely glance at labels any more. We simply take it for granted that the “paraben free” claim on the front matches the ingredient list on the back. But determined fraudsters will often simply swap out the word “paraben” for one of its pseudonyms. So if you see words on the ingredient list that contain the prefixes “ethyl,” “butyl,” “methyl,” and “propyl” beware; these are parabens.
  • Do some research – The Internet can be a vast wasteland or it can be the best friend a researcher ever had. There are a number of websites out there that research the ingredients in cosmetics and publish what they find. If there’s fraud going on they’ll root it out. Beyond these watchdogs however are countless forums where like-minded consumers share what they’ve learned about questionable, paraben laden products.
  • Be aware they’re everywhere – Even the most health conscious among us tends to think that if they eliminate makeup and skin care products containing parabens they’ll have the problem licked. But they’d be wise to think again. Because parabens are not only used as a preservative in makeup they’re also used as a preservative in food. That’s right. Soft drinks, beer, some sauces, jams, desserts, pickles, pre-cooked dinners, frozen dairy products and more all contain parabens. Why have you never noticed? Because when they’re used in food they’re given what’s called an “e” number like E214 (ethylparaben) and E218 (methylparaben).
  • Find a trustworthy brand and stick with it – The best way to avoid being scammed into using paraben is to find a brand of paraben free makeup that’s true to the name and stick with it. Janice Carol Cosmetics is just such a company. Most all of our cosmetics are completely paraben free with no fancy word play or trick substitutions going on behind the scenes. We care about the well-being of our clients and make it our job to provide them with only the safest and best paraben free cosmetics on the market today.

Parabens have become ubiquitous over the years so trying to find true paraben free makeup can be a bit like the quest for the Holy Grail. But be persistent. Do your homework, read the labels, talk to others and stick with trustworthy brands like Janice Carol Cosmetics.