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5 Things to Be Aware of When Buying Paraben Free Lipstick

Paraben Free LipstickIf you have decided to switch to a brand of lipstick that does not contain any parabens, there are a few things you should be aware of that will make your experience that much more satisfying and worthwhile. In this article, we look at 5 of the most important facts any lady who is planning to use paraben free lipstick should know: facts that will help you to make the right choices both now and in the future. If you are already aware of these facts, perhaps you can give your friends a link to this article so they can get up to speed with the latest developments in the cosmetics industry.

What You Should Know When Trying Paraben Free Lipstick

Bear the following facts in mind when you make your first purchase, so you can maximize the benefit you enjoy by making the switch from regular lipstick.

  1. Parabens Are Not the Only Harmful Ingredients – While there is good cause for concern with regard to the widespread use of parabens in cosmetics products today, there are many other substances you should look out for too. When buying paraben free lipstick, try to make sure that you choose an organic brand that does not contain other harmful substances, such as formaldehyde and triclosan.
  2. All Your Cosmetics May Contain Parabens – It is not only your lipstick that could contain parabens. Foundation, moisturiser, hand cream and many other products commonly contain these potentially harmful substances too. With this in mind, it is a good idea to stop using these products altogether, not just lipstick. By completely cutting out cosmetics that contain parabens, you will increase the potential health benefits that you stand to enjoy.
  3. More than Just Cancer – While the most damning study relating to parabens is undoubtedly the one published in 2010 that linked these substances to occurrences of breast cancer, parabens have the potential to cause a myriad of other health issues. The main problem at this moment in time is that nobody is quite sure what the extent or severity of these issues could be.
  4. You May Have to Spend a Little More – In common with other organic products on the market today, paraben free lipstick will generally be more expensive than the ordinary brands you can find in your local stores. However, given the health concerns that surround parabens, the extra cost is a small price to pay as far as most women are concerned.No
  5. Need to Limit Your Choice – Lipstick that does not contain any type of parabens can be manufactured in just as many unique colours as ordinary cosmetic ranges so there is no need to limit yourself as far as make-up tones are concerned when you switch to paraben free lipstick.

While the studies highlighting the detrimental effects on human health of cosmetics containing parabens are not yet extensive, the facts uncovered so far have persuaded many women that waiting for more evidence would be foolish, especially as paraben free alternatives are widely available. Shop for your new lipstick in our online store today!