Mineral Based Cosmetics

mineral based cosmetics Janice Carol mineral based cosmetics are some of the safest, highest quality cosmetics on the market today. Taking their name from cosmetics industry veteran and company founder Janice Carol our cosmetics are not only naturally good for the skin but paraben free as well and will always leave you looking and feeling your very best.

Mineral Based Cosmetics: Practical Aesthetics

Janice Carol mineral base cosmetics are easy to use and provide exceptional coverage along with a slew of other benefits that make them not only the aesthetic choice but the logical choice over standard cosmetics.

  • High Quality: Mineral cosmetics are formulated from surprisingly few ingredients. Most use mica as a base rather than talc (an inferior product and one most cosmetics companies use). Talc has a soft, appealing quality to it but mica adheres to the skin far better. Mica is one of the lesser known but important ingredients in mineral cosmetics and once you experience the difference you’ll likely never want to go back to talc-based cosmetics again.
  • No Health Risks: Conventional makeup has taken on a substantial chemical load in the past few decades. Chemicals for everything from adding colour to adding fragrance to adding body as well as parabens to extend shelf life and prevent mold, bacteria and other microbes from taking hold. Parabens however are suspected of having a link to breast cancer and may cause thyroid problems, problems with the body’s hormonal balance, complications during pregnancy and more. Janice Carol mineral base cosmetics are also paraben free.
  • Long Lasting: Mineral based cosmetics have a long shelf life but more than that they also hold up through the toughest conditions once applied. Just a little mineral base pigment goes a long way and provides excellent coverage in the process. On the shelf mineral makeup typically enjoys a long and stable life. You won’t have to be constantly purging your makeup collection as items go bad day after day. Because mineral makeup contains no organic material there is nothing to go bad.
  • Versatility: Janice Carol mineral cosmetics are some of the most versatile you’ll ever use. Feel free to mix our mineral base with water or cremes or even moisturizers to achieve the consistency you desire. Try doing that with conventional cosmetics. It should also be noted however that our cosmetics don’t need to be mixed with anything to provide a healthy, lasting glow you can feel.

There’s no need to continue to subject yourself to the large scale health experiment known as conventional cosmetics. Instead, leave parabens and other harmful chemicals behind and embrace beauty, well-being and peace of mind with mineral based cosmetics from Janice Carol.

Something else to keep in mind is that, unlike many enormous cosmetics companies, we never test any of our products on defenceless animals. In addition, since we recognize we all have a part to play in saving the planet, all of our packaging is designed to be as environmentally friendly as it is attractive. Trade up to Janice Carol cosmetics. You’ll be glad you did.