Mineral Based Makeup

Mineral Based MakeupMineral makeup has been around since the earliest hunter-gatherers painted their bodies in order to gain power over their prey. Millennia later Cleopatra would woo Julius Caesar and then Marc Antony with her ground stibnite eyeliner and the red ochre she put on her lips. Over the ensuing centuries mineral base makeup was virtually the only type of makeup in common use and would stay that way until the 20th century when huge corporations would take hold of the industry.

Those corporations began to add all sorts of harsh chemicals to their product in order to extend its shelf live and make it more visually or aromatically attractive than the competition. Among the additives that would eventually find their way into modern makeup were fragrances, talc, various oils, preservatives and parabens.

Parabens and the Re-emergence of Mineral Based Makeup

Parabens were added to prevent mold, bacteria and other microbes from gaining a foothold in makeup products and spoiling them. That process was dealt a major blow in 2004 however, when it was revealed that parabens had been found in the tissue of breast tumours. This grabbed the attention of the medical community which has since discovered that parabens may in fact be responsible for thyroid problems, pregnancy complications, disruptions to the endocrine system and more. Enlightened cosmetics companies like Janice Carol Cosmetics have looked to history and embraced mineral based makeup as a safe, effective alternative to parabens.

Janice Carol mineral based, paraben free makeup provides a slew of benefits:

  • It is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • It will not cake, smear, dry out or accumulate in the fine lines of the face.
  • Its zinc oxide and titanium dioxide help prevent damage from the sun.
  • You get thorough coverage of blemishes from all our foundations.
  • Contains no harsh chemicals.

Our founder Janice Carol started the company on the premise that women deserved a line of safe, reasonably priced, paraben free makeup and that, with her years of experience in the industry, she was in an ideal position to provide it for them. Our makeup products contain no dyes, clays, talcs or other objectionable ingredients because that would contradict our entire reason for being.

The Janice Carol line of mineral based makeup represents the best of old and new. Every one of our products is carefully formulated to perform to the highest standards, to hold up in demanding circumstances and to always allow you to look and feel your best.

If you have concerns regarding the health risks associated with paraben laden cosmetics or you would just like to try mineral based makeup give Janice Carol makeup a try. We are certain that once you experience the difference you won’t ever want to go back to the chemically harsh makeup offered by most cosmetics companies.

Keep in mind too that Janice Carol makeup is never test on animals and uses environmentally responsible methods of packaging. There’s no reason to continue to subject your skin to paraben-related health risks. Janice Carol cosmetics represent the perfect union of health and beauty.