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Paraben Free Cosmetics: Why People Should Be Concerned About Parabens

paraben free cosmetics Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the widespread use of parabens in cosmetics is what we don’t know: ladies who use make-up on a daily basis, independent scientists, those responsible for the regulation of such products, and even the manufacturers of cosmetics themselves are simply not sure what the long-term consequences of exposure to parabens may be. However, some of the facts that are beginning to emerge from independent studies are worrying to say the least, with reported links to breast cancer and other serious diseases. If you have yet to make the move to paraben free cosmetics, you should be concerned about the long-term effects of daily use but the first questions you need to find answers to are these ones: what level of parabens can be found in the make-up products you use every day and are these levels considered dangerous?

How Much Is Too Much and Are Paraben Free Cosmetics the Only Safe Option?

While you may find it relatively easy to obtain an answer to the first question mentioned above, regarding the level of parabens in the cosmetic products you use, an answer to the second question may prove to be somewhat more elusive. There are a number of problems that become apparent when trying to assess a safe level of exposure and it is perhaps because of these problems that many ladies are deciding to err on the side of caution and use paraben free cosmetics.

  • Lack of Solid Evidence – While traces of parabens were found in a majority of samples taken from breast tumour biopsies during one study, more studies need to be done if we are to be able to establish what is considered a safe level, if indeed there is such a thing, as far as these chemicals are concerned. Until more statistics have been collected, there is not enough information on which to base a professional opinion.
  • No Monitoring of Cumulative Effects – In addition to the problem of identifying safe levels of parabens for individual cosmetic products, there is the issue of cumulative exposure: could using multiple paraben-containing products, such as deodorants, moisturisers, anti-wrinkle creams and foundations, result in cumulative exposure that poses a danger to your health? If this is a possibility then paraben free cosmetics seem to be the only sensible choice, owing to the difficulty of establishing and monitoring safe levels when considering all the products a lady may use as part of her daily beauty regime.
  • Individual Sensitivity – As with many other substances that are potentially harmful to one’s health, some people may be more sensitive to parabens than others, which will make calculating safe levels an even harder task.

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