Paraben Free Cosmetics

Paraben Free CosmeticsParabens are a group of chemicals commonly used as preservative agents in cosmetics. Today, some 85% of all cosmetics sold use parabens to prevent the growth of molds and other bacteria. Parabens have a reputation for being an effective bulwark against the growth of microorganisms but that effectiveness comes at a cost. In 2004 it was discovered that parabens were present in the tissue of some malignant breast tumours. While the exact mechanism that would cause this phenomenon is not yet fully understood and the threat parabens pose to women not clearly defined as of this writing we at Janice Carol Cosmetics believe any threat to women’s health is too much and offer women a safe, effective and natural alternative to paraben laden cosmetics.

Paraben Free Cosmetics: Because Beauty Should Not be Dangerous

Clinical studies indicate a possible link between parabens and breast cancer. They may also be a contributing factor in the disruption of normal hormone function in women. This is due to their being “xenoestrogens” – chemicals that can mimic the function of naturally occurring female hormones. The cosmetics you currently use likely contain parabens due to the fact that, as mentioned, nearly 85% of all cosmetics sold today use them.

To determine if your cosmetics contain parabens look at the label. If you see methylparaben, propylparaben, isoparaben or butylparaben you may want to consider trading up for the Janice Carol line of paraben free cosmetics. We believe to our core that looking your best shouldn’t come with a health threat attached.

Keep in mind that the FDA does not currently regulate the ingredients in cosmetics, although they are on record as looking into the threat posed by parabens. The bottom line is that you cannot currently depend on regulatory intervention to protect you from potentially harmful cosmetics. That responsibility rests on your shoulders and we encourage you to take it seriously.

Janice Carol Paraben Free and Mineral Base Cosmetics

Janice Carol paraben free cosmetics are also mineral base meaning they contain none of the harmful chemical agents most cosmetics use to bind to your skin. You will find no clays, dyes, oil, talcs or other additives in our mineral base products, only pure, ultra-light cosmetics that will help reduce clogged pores, clear up or prevent acne and also act as an effective sunscreen.

Mineral cosmetics can trace their origins back to earliest recorded history. The renowned beauties of bygone ages all employed mineral base cosmetics to enhance their appearance and highlight their natural attributes. The beneficial effects of mineral base formulas have long been recognized by both those who use them and the larger scientific community in general. Their ability to provide effective coverage for the most stubborn blemishes while also respecting even the most sensitive skin types is well documented.

If you are looking for a line of natural cosmetics that are as effective as they are safe look no further than Janice Carol paraben free cosmetics. All of our products are paraben free, employ environmentally responsible packaging and are never tested on animals. Janice Carol Cosmetics: the perfect synthesis of beauty and health.