Paraben Free Foundation

Paraben Free FoundationThe right foundation provides your skin with an even, lustrous glow. Whether you desire nothing more than a bit of aesthetic enhancement or something more comprehensive Janice Carol paraben free foundation will set the stage while soothing and complementing even the most sensitive skin. All of our foundations provide excellent coverage that evens out the complexion and effectively masks imperfections. Whether you are preparing for a TV interview, a magazine photo shoot or a big date with a special someone Janice Carol foundations with their natural mineral base will have you looking your best.

About Parabens and Paraben Free Foundation

Parabens have been a staple of the cosmetics industry for decades allowing companies to protect their products from mold, bacteria and other microbes. Parabens are what is known as xenoestrogens; chemicals that mimic the function of naturally occurring female hormones. By themselves parabens are not dangerous but once cosmetics containing parabens are applied to the skin the chemicals are absorbed and the trouble starts.

Potential Dangers of Parabens

For years parabens were used with impunity because there were no known issues and – since FDA does not regulate the ingredients in cosmetics – there was precious little science into the potential hazards. In 2004 however, a possible link was discovered between parabens and breast cancer and since then these chemicals have attracted a far greater share of attention.

There are several ways parabens pose a potential health risk including:

  • Potential breast cancer link: In 2004 parabens were discovered in the tissue of malignant breast tumours. While scientists were quick to call for comprehensive studies of the issue those studies take time and as of yet no definitive causal mechanism has been identified. Still many women’s health specialist believe there needs to be immediate regulation of parabens in cosmetics and others simply state that women should avoid them completely.
  • Disrupting the endocrine system: As mentioned earlier parabens are xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are chemicals able to mimic the function of natural female hormones. When you apply a foundation containing parabens the chemicals are absorbed through the skin. The presence of the xenoestrogens then cause disruptions to the natural hormonal balance and can lead to an array of health issues. Some quite serious.

In spite of the potential dangers however parabens are used in 85% of all cosmetics sold today.

Janice Carol Cosmetics: A Better Way

Janice Carol Cosmetics paraben free foundation lets your beauty shine through without endangering your health in the short or long term. Our mineral base foundations contain no harmful chemicals and will not cake or accumulate in the delicate lines of your face. In addition our paraben free, mineral base foundations:

  • Are hypoallergenic and perfect for various types of sensitive skin.
  • Provide a solid but feather light foundation that never feels like theatre makeup.
  • Can be helpful in protecting against the adverse effects of the sun.
  • Provide effective coverage for all types of blemishes.

Janice Carol paraben free foundation will lay the groundwork for a more beautiful, confident, radiantly healthy you. Give them a try and see for yourself.