Paraben Free Lip Gloss

Paraben Free Lip GlossWhether creamy and supple or soft and silky great lip gloss is likely to play a central role in your makeup efforts. Lip gloss provides the spark that lights the flame of your facial aesthetic and no woman should be without a favourite lip gloss in her cosmetic arsenal. To that end Janice Carol paraben free lip gloss:

  • Is available in a variety of irresistible colours.
  • Provides a healthy shine without feeling sticky.
  • Is available in sheer and opaque and with varying amounts of shimmer and frost.
  • Is great for the travel makeup case or any on-the-go application.
  • Contain no parabens or other potentially dangerous chemicals.

Why Janice Carol Paraben Free Lip Gloss is Paraben Free

Parabens have been a key ingredient in modern cosmetics for decades. They are used to keep microbes from gaining a foothold in and thereby ruining makeup products and, by all accounts, they do a wonderfully effective job. Until recently no one gave parabens much thought and since FDA did not regulate cosmetics and their ingredients there was very little scientific activity aimed at assessing the potential health risks of parabens.

That changed when laboratory results published in 2004 indicated the presence of parabens in malignant breast tumours. Since then parabens have been put under the microscope and the findings are not encouraging. Some of the potential health risks revealed include:

  • Potential breast cancer link: As stated laboratory results from 2004 revealed a possible link between parabens and breast cancer. But because an absolute causal mechanism has yet to be identified most cosmetic companies have continued to use parabens and deemed any health risk as acceptable. At Janice Carol we don’t believe lip gloss should carry any type of risk, acceptable or otherwise.
  • Hormonal disruptions: Thyroid problems, infertility and other health issues can arise when the body’s endocrine system is thrown out of balance and there is evidence parabens can do just that. Because they are what is known as ‘xenoestrogens’ parabens are able to mimic naturally occurring estrogen once they are absorbed through the skin. Their presence can confuse and disrupt the body’s natural hormonal balance and bring upon the health issues mentioned above.
  • Pregnancy issues: Since parabens have been shown to encourage a breakdown in the body’s delicate hormonal balance some obstetricians have begun recommending that pregnant women avoid them altogether. Disruptions in hormone levels during such a critical time could have long term negative effects on both mother and child.

Our founder, Janice Carol, started the company with a vision toward creating a healthier, reasonably priced high-end line of cosmetics and key to the realization of that vision was the exclusion of parabens from her signature brand. Whether you’re interested in blush, foundation, bronzer or our lustrous paraben free lip gloss you can enjoy our fine cosmetics without fear that you may suffer related health issues down the line.

Keep in mind too that Janice Carol paraben free lip gloss is never tested on animals and that our packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly.