Paraben Free Lipstick

Paraben Free LipstickJanice Carol paraben free lipstick contains natural mineral base ingredients and phenoxyethanol in place of potentially dangerous parabens. Our high-end lipsticks rejuvenate and regenerate dry, chapped lips allowing for greater retention of moisture and the re-emergence of natural elasticity and vibrance.

Painting the lips for a variety of reasons is a practice almost as old as the human race. Yet in recent years it had become increasingly obvious that the way women were doing it (namely the composition of the lipstick products they were using) was actually beginning to put their overall health at risk; and that’s primarily because of parabens.

About Paraben Free Lipstick

Parabens have long been one of the ingredients mainstream cosmetics could not live without. Indeed, even today after copious amounts of both scientific and anecdotal evidence has surfaced indicating parabens may generate serious health issues the biggest cosmetic companies continue to rely on parabens for their lipsticks and other products. If you think about that fact objectively, it is more than a bit disturbing.

Evidence suggests parabens may be linked to breast cancer, thyroid conditions, disruptions of the endocrine system, complications during pregnancy and more and yet mainstream cosmetics companies dismiss the threat as “acceptable” and continue to produce and sell their products to millions worldwide. At Janice Carol cosmetics we view things differently and are constantly striving to perfect our paraben free lipsticks and other cosmetics for the benefit of our ever growing customer base.

About Natural Mineral Base Formulas

Mineral base makeup has been around since the days of Helen of Troy. Before the more sophisticated chemistry of the modern age made a slew of new cosmetics possible mineral cosmetics were essentially the only game in town and had reached a high level of refinement over the centuries. Today, on the heels of the distressing news about parabens mineral makeup is making a well-deserved comeback and Janice Carol is proud to present our complete line of natural mineral lipsticks in a variety of dazzling shades.

All of our mineral cosmetics, including our line of beautiful, paraben free lipsticks:

  • Are hypoallergenic and completely safe for most types of sensitive skin.
  • Will not cake, smear or clog tiny facial lines.
  • Contain titanium dioxide and zinc to help fight the effects of sun exposure.
  • Are packaged using eco-friendly techniques.
  • Are never tested on animals.

Pure, natural Janice Carol lipstick will help your lips feel softer and more supple, will help facilitate the repair of cracked damaged lips and will help you always look your absolute best. Because they’re made using natural mineral base materials they’ll never damage your sensitive skin or put your health at risk.

The days of paraben laden lipsticks and other cosmetics is slowly coming to a close. In their place are products like Janice Carol paraben free lipstick which will provide you the perfect look for every occasion without causing you to lose sleep wondering what type of paraben-based health threat you’ve exposed yourself to. A more enlightened age calls for more enlightened products and Janice Carol paraben free lipstick is certainly one of them.