Paraben Free Makeup

Paraben Free MakeupJanice Carol Cosmetics represent a new, healthier approach to makeup. One that completely eschews animal testing, embraces environmental responsibility and features cosmetics that are paraben free, mineral-base formulas.

Paraben Free Makeup = Worry Free Makeup

Parabens are present in about 85% of all cosmetics. Their main function is to prevent bacteria growth and they do that job with admirable efficiency. However, parabens are what is known as “xenoestrogens” – compounds that mimic estrogen – and in the past decade or so possible links between parabens and breast cancer have emerged. Because of this many women’s health experts have recommended limits on paraben levels in cosmetics.

While more research needs to be done to determine the exact level of threat parabens pose to women, we at Janice Carol Cosmetics have decided not to join most other companies that have deemed parabens to be an “acceptable risk.” Instead, we have created a makeup line that is completely free of parabens so that you can be sure the makeup you apply to your face does not represent an “acceptable” – or any other type of – risk to your health.

Mineral Base Formulas

Mineral makeup has been around since the days of Cleopatra and has long been known to provide beneficial effects for the skin. Mineral base makeup is believed to help clear up acne, reduce clogged pores and act as an effective sunscreen. Mineral base makeup contains no binders, waterproof polymers or other chemical agents most mainstream cosmetics use to bind themselves to your skin. And while we wouldn’t necessarily recommend you sleep in Janice Carol makeup, the lighter than air feel of our products might just tempt you to do so.

Some of the many benefits of Janice Carol mineral base, paraben free makeup include:

  • Its hypoallergenic nature makes it ideal for many types of sensitive skin.
  • It will not dry out, smear, cake or accumulate in facial lines.
  • It sits incredibly light on the skin. So light you may forget you have it on.
  • It contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which act as effective sunscreens.
  • It provides thorough coverage for even the most problematic blemishes.
  • It will not melt off your face even on the hottest day in the hottest environment.

Janice Carol makeup contains no paraben, oils, clays, dyes, chemicals or talcs and will help your skin feel smoother and younger. Our mineral base formula produces a proven high quality result that will have you wondering why you never considered this type of naturally risk free, paraben free makeup product before. We are proud to offer our specialized line of paraben free makeup and skin care products to our customers. We stand behind all our makeup products and we’re confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase.

If you have become concerned about the health risks associated with parabens in makeup, do what enlightened women all over the world are doing: switch to Janice Carol paraben free, mineral base makeup today. You’ll look your best and rest easy knowing you are not putting yourself at risk.