Paraben Free Primer

Paraben Free PrimerMakeup primer has become quite the hot item recently and its popularity shows no signs of waning. For those who don’t know makeup primers serve the same function as primers you would use when painting a house: to provide a base that will allow the finish can take better and cover more completely. Primers also create a barrier between skin and makeup which is important for some with sensitive skin. Women commonly prime their lips, eyes, cheeks and eyelashes before reaching for the finish makeup and at Janice Carol Cosmetics we offer a paraben free primer for each area.

Janice Carol Paraben Free Primer

If you think a primer sounds an awful lot like ‘foundation’ you would be right. A primer is a kind of foundation but one that is more targeted to a specific area and task. These specific areas and tasks include:

  • Mascara primers: Mascara primers prepare the surface of each lash for the eventual application of the mascara. They even out tiny imperfections, make the lashes plumper and lay down a coating the mascara will adhere to better than the lash alone.
  • Eyeshadow primers: If you are heading out to a corporate or social function you expect to last a good many hours you’ll want to apply eyeshadow primer to ensure your dazzling eyeshadow job stays dazzling and in place.
  • Lip Primers: Janice Carol paraben free lip primer will help your lipstick stay put for hours. Not only that but you won’t have to worry about parabens being absorbed through your lips and causing trouble.

The importance of using a paraben free primer cannot be overstated. Parabens, long one of the workhorses of the conventional cosmetics industry, have justifiably come under fire in recent years for their possible role in breast cancer and an array of other health issues. While an absolute causal mechanism has not yet been identified in regard to breast cancer there is sufficient clinical evidence to suggest a link and that should be enough to cause concern among anyone who has paraben laden cosmetics in their possession.

Pure Mineral Based Makeup Primer

Our paraben free primer creates a silky smooth canvas on which to apply your lipstick, eyeshadow or any other type of finish makeup. The first time you use one of our pure mineral base primers you will wonder how you ever got along without them. Your skin will look and feel younger and more supple and your finish makeup will adhere completely and stay in place for as long as you need it to.

At Janice Carol Cosmetics we care about the health and happiness of each and every customer. We also care about the health and sustainability of the planet on which we must all live and so we use only environmentally friendly packaging for our products. And one last thing: we never test our cosmetics on animals. Ever. So if you are looking for safe, effective, responsible and reasonably priced line of primers choose Janice Carol primer and start getting the most out of life.