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Paraben Free Skin Care: The Effect Parabens Can Have on the Skin

Paraben Free Skin CareSince a possible link between parabens and breast cancer was uncovered consumers have demanded to know what exactly is the risk they’re being exposed to and what cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers are doing in response to that risk. Unfortunately, the wheels of change can turn painfully slow and while studies have been undertaken to try and draw definitive conclusions about a paraben/breast cancer link other evidence has emerged that these compounds may pose a hazard to the skin as well. Below we’re going to take a look at the link between parabens and skin problems and why it’s important to choose paraben free skin care products.

How Parabens Can Undermine Healthy Skin

While much of the negative press surrounding parabens has rightfully focused on the potential link between these common makeup ingredients and breast cancer there has been a groundswell of other evidence that they’re not all that great for your skin either. Here are a few of the reasons you’ll want to consider paraben free skin care.

  • Dermatitis – Dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, is a blanket term that describes a variety of skin conditions characterized by dry skin, rash, scaling and itching. Parabens, particularly methylparabens in cosmetics and other personal care products, have been linked in recent years to the onset of contact dermatitis. While not everyone who uses products that contain parabens will develop dermatitis enough have for scientists to conclude there is likely a link between the preservative and the skin condition.
  • Premature Aging – It’s more than a bit ironic that beauty products intended to arrest the aging process might in fact be accelerating the degradation of the very skin they’re supposed to preserve. Moisturizers and various lotions containing parabens have come under scrutiny of late after researchers in Japan discovered that parabens can actually increase sensitivity to the sun and make one’s skin more susceptible to UV damage. Given how many people use these paraben based products in an attempt to stay younger looking it’s a bombshell revelation.
  • Overabundance of estrogen – Hormones are key players in the body’s natural system of checks and balances. Therefore when chemicals that mimic estrogenic effects like parabens are introduced to and absorbed by the skin they have the potential to throw things off internally. You could find yourself retaining fluids, gaining weight and, potentially, developing various forms of skin cancer. It is believed that skin products that contain parabens pose a particular risk to women who are either pregnant or nursing as they must already weather a storm of hormonal fluctuations.

Paraben Free Skin Care from Janice Carol

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