Paraben Free Skin Care

Paraben Free Skin Care If you love your skin you should think twice before using a paraben laden skin care product ever again. At Janice Carol Cosmetics we understand the potential dangers posed by parabens and offer a full line of skin care products that are paraben free so you can get back to looking great without having to worry about endangering your health. All of our paraben free skin care products will help you achieve a youthful glow and restore sensitive or dry skin to a smoother, more supple condition.

Paraben Free Skin Care is Worry Free Skin Care

Parabens have been commonly used to prevent bacterial growth in skin care products since the mid-1950s. For most of that time they were thought to be a benign and extremely useful tool for keeping microbes from taking up residence in modern cosmetics. Then, in 2004, things changed when it was announced that parabens had been discovered in malignant tumours of the breast. The notion that there might be a serious health risk associated with paraben use sent shockwaves through the cosmetics industry and caused a great many women around the world to become rightfully concerned. The major issues with parabens seem to be these:

  • A potential link to breast cancer: This is obviously the most serious potential problem linked to the use of parabens. While an absolute causal relationship has yet to be definitively established clinical evidence continues to point toward the possibility of a link between breast cancer and parabens.
  • Disruption of the endocrine system: The endocrine system regulates hormones and hormonal flow within the body. Parabens are “xenoestrogens” which means they are able to mimic the function of naturally occurring female hormones. When someone applies products that contain parabens the parabens are absorbed through the skin. Once absorbed they can confuse the endocrine system into thinking it is creating too much estrogen. Hormonal disruptions then occur followed by possible thyroid and other problems.
  • Pregnancy complications: During pregnancy it is crucial that a woman’s hormonal system works properly, for both her health and the health of her baby. Obstetricians have begun warning pregnant women to avoid skin care products and cosmetics that contain paraben in order to stave off potential problems. In addition a number of health care professionals have also urged FDA to put warning labels on paraben-containing products and to limit the amount of parabens a product can contain.

Janice Carol paraben free skin care products are the smart choice for health conscious women. They also happen to be the best choice for any woman who is looking for a reasonably priced line of skin care products that will allow her to look her best at all times. In addition you can be certain that Janice Carol paraben free skin care products are never tested on defenceless animals and that they are shipped in environmentally responsible packaging.

Don’t spend another day worrying about the parabens in your skin care products. Trade up to Janice Carol and breathe a little easier.