Eternal Beauty Serum

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FEATURES & BENEFITS: Delivers oil-free moisture enhancers to dry & combination skin, also suitable for all skin types. Contains lipids that are important for the healthy structure and function of the corneum layer. Intercellular lipids provide a protective barrier seal to the skin’s surface protecting the skin from environmental free radicals. Helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines. Discourages dryness and flaking. A perfect base for a flawless makeup. PARABEN-FREE FORMULA.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Sphingolipids: Appears to work with the cellular system in providing a restorative effect on a damaged or disturbed corneum layer. Cyclomethicone: Provides a silky, smooth feel to this product, is a non-comedogenic emollient in the form of silicone that can deliver active ingredients. Dimethicone: Helps to condition and protect the skin against moisture loss ( a skin protectant & emollient). Ceramides: Forms a protective barrier and reduce the natural water loss. Helps repair the corneum layer in cases of dry skin and improve skin by hydration.

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